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Matsuo Basho










《主語なし》I place it to the wind and folding fan of Fuji and an/the Edo souvenir

《主語なし》I sleep to a/the horse and do remainder dream month 遠 and hazy brown

As for a/the line, the eye of る and bird 啼う wa be 泪

Even a/the garden moves and enter even a/the mountain and summer 坐敷

Or ほらす Minamiya of 有 difficult and snow

《主語なし》It makes it whiter than the stone of Ishiyama and the wind in fall

The sea of flower 吹 entrance て鳰 from all sides

吹るる wintry blast 哉 to wild boar base even

The ground of a/the crescent moon be the flower of おぼろ也 soba

Winding 哉 of the bush clover that does and even ら dew does not spill

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

tattooed mammal, very small human

dreams land on my nose like a butterfly
in my sleep
a red dying sharpe
box of crayons
missing one or two
and the sharpener is broken
alarm clock
wake up two minutes early
the ceiling tiles and babies' mothers
no sleep tonight
Pani's black hair
an x-rated x-ray
and a field of glowing fungus

tape the commercials
read the last chapter first
black ink on skin like the markings of a tiger
Iban eggplant
or a Japanese sleeve
fish come alive at night
I swear to god they must have memories
you smell like my pillow
and you wear sleep lines well

a blinking blue light
a Chinese fire drill
earthworms, nocturnal nightcrawlers
asleep in the basement
restless mother earth slumber party
a swank cosmic nightclub
dance between the glowing diamonds of light in the sky

drawing on your stomach
i love to watch you breathe

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had a dream last night that really put me in place. I was floating around in some sort of futuristic cosmic world with interactive machines and glowing lights. I remember feeling like I was traveling very fast but somehow orbiting around a single location. I think I was part of some experiment because I remember being watched behind a dark window and I could faintly make out computer screens of some sort as if my actions were being monitored. In a blink of a lucid dream's eye I found myself transported to a black field of glowing mushrooms and flying fish. In the far horizontal distance I could see tall abandoned buildings with plants growing out of them as if nature was reclaiming it's territory. The thought of investigating for other signs of life was out of the question, this place was like a glowing desert. I have many dreams where I am flying but this was a little different. It was as if my feet never really touched the ground but somehow floated above the glowing fungus fields. My skin reflected the green glow of my world around me. I was alone but I didn't feel lonely; rather I felt like I had to show this place to somebody in order to validate it or no one could possibly believe me. I also thought that it was so peculiar and beautiful that it would be wonderful to explore with another. But I just wandered and marveled in the lights both above and below.

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