Monday, July 18, 2011


using the latest of technologies offered by this sweaty internet cafe in Merrakech (microsoft paint) ive created this humble map. it documents my life as well as i can remember for the last three months and gives a clue to the next month of my travels taking me onward to home, the craziest place of all.

~loss of a journal is a terrible thing.. i wrote an article for this entry that took 45 minutes to write and one wrong click on a french keyboard to accidently delete.. such is life.. damn

i just wanted to send love to all of the creative and bold and interesting souls ive chanced upon on this trip.

ill not conquer this world. not in 10 lifetimes and i have no interest in doing so. im only here to draw my own lines around this crazy planet and spend some time along the paths of the bold souls who walk the same lines as i do for a while.

and i really regret that i havent had the time or resources to share my thoughts along this voyage as well as i would have liked to. i wish i could share the feeling i had in my heart that i felt upon walking the streets of Bosnia i Hercegovina and seeing the recent history still cooling on the walls of every building. i wish i could share what i felt when i first arrived to italy by ship and the flutter of my heart that somehow reminds me of my family and their first great voyage to USA so long ago. i wish i could explain the feeling of nothingness upon looking endlessly into the Moroccan desert where sounds have no echo and life turns into dusty winds.

ive learned something so important on this trip in the interest of knowledge that i pray to always take with me. ive learned the importance of listening not only to that voice inside of you but also to the voices of those who sit at the same table as you. we are here perhaps only to carry messages to each other of our walks on earth and it is our duty to listen carefully. ive learned that its nonsense to question the goodness of people yet i question the curiosity of our species as a whole, not the likenesses of individual.

people are pretty effing strange.

i love them for every bit of weird that they are.

i have plans bubbling.. and there is a clue. im relearning spanish and its not because ill be in Spain next week. in fact the spanish im learning pronounces Y and LL much differently than other countries. but thats another chapter.

for now i have set my sails towards my homeland and from there ive not yet finished my stories of istanbul.

to all the love ive found on this earth, i thank you always and eternally.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ashour cascades

this fine day composed itself as a 2 1/2 hour walk into and out of a faraway forest in the north of Morocco in an area near Chefchaouen. here there are two beautiful waterfalls about an hour apart from each other and both are well worth the long hot journey.

One of about a dozen stream crossings.

the area is drastically different from the hot deserts of the south.
Le Gran Cascade!

sunset over Ashoura cool picture from Casablanca that snuck in this series. if you look you can see a green laser from the grand mosque that points the direction to Mecca.