Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Farewell by Kahlil Gibran

the final chapter of 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran

dedicated with love to those who cannot be still

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

to those who cannot be still (part 2)

as it's been said we are like seeds of a tenacious plant given to the wind and carried great distances. i find a flaw in this statement as it implies one will find roots elsewhere however not all of us are blessed with the luxury of establishing new roots. i'll bear no analogy. i just need some sleep. last night was a bless-ed reunion of a multi-faceted puzzle from which each piece was in it's right place. while walking the concrete walls of detroit abandonment with each assembled fragment of our tribe's forefathers one gets the sense that perhaps our absences have been too great. we search every corner of this world for the freedom of absolute love only to find that we find ourselves in other people. that love is carried with us not like a dying flame however a tattooed heart. i miss you guys.

two weeks from today i'll step foot in the only city in the world to touch two continents. i made a promise to myself and to my brothers when last we met that this year i would push myself farther and closer to my potential as a sojourner. i'll not worry of finances or fleeting emotions and rather i'll focus on the broader horizons of planet earth simply because it feels good and makes me smile. this year has taken me far and wide, far enough that i cannot be one of those people who ever returns to a life less lived. i've got it bad now. mental health is a virtue. i've done some wonderful and terrible things this year each more rewardingly educational than the last. i question our definitions of what we've been taught as right from wrong and i've learned not only to float but to paddle. i have that reoccuring feeling that i once had long ago before traveling to the south pacific and upon reading old entries it's striking how almost exactly three years ago i have yielded identical emotions. DECONSTRUCTION, if you're interested - i find this to be one of my favorites. having said that i feel quite the same today as i watch the walls of my being crumble and the earth below me shake. twenty seven revolutions around the sun have taught me that not only am i an experienced space traveler but also a life long student of the earth. i've learned not to 'run away from' necessarily but to 'run to'. i've learned that freedom is our ability to have love for all humans. now i know that i'm ready for life under this sun and until it's reserve stock batteries run out i'm going to walk this planet with my eyes open wide and heart much richer and receiving to bravery and love.