Sunday, September 26, 2010

help me obi-wan kenobi, youre my only hope

dont learn how to fly until youre sure you know how to land. i've never been good at transitions and in fact my impulsiveness would be considered a great concern if i were anyone else in the universe; i build flying machines and dont ask where they go let aside how i'm going to land them.

transition has always been a bitch. my attempts to re-associate are always greeted with insomnia, agoraphobia and wretched stomach problems. we're not to forget that we have jobs to do. this 'job' is not necessarily your place of employment however a job in the greater perspective of our species. it is our jobs to stay focused and mindful. we are to continually practice loving-kindness and be careful of whose toes we step on.

this takes us to glassy red-eyed nights in the underbelly of the city. my new apartment is oddly similar to the bellcrest in detroit, more specifically my first apartment, 1112. hood up i walk into the night with the surviving members of my tribe.. time has taken its toll and reclaimed some good people for its own but this story we write together, wherever we are, is going to be a good one.

mindfulness is a practice. so often our minds are busy with pointless thoughts that burn away our inner-fuel wastefully. the irony is amazing and hard to recognize by an untrained eye; yet the practice of mindfulness is the practice of freeing your thoughts.. watching them as they pass and never trying to hold onto them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

with three heartfelt clichés

the last three months of my life have swam slowly before me like fish in a river. so many times i tried to catch the stories that have written themselves before me but one by one each of them escaped my paws and left me hungry. i really wanted to keep a great journal of this trip and document each amazing piece of adventure that manifested in my life but after a while i just watched the nothingness of things unravel and the beauty of these tales will forever rest in the back of my memories to be shared over tears and beers someday with those who matter to me most. and i learned a few things. i learned from that gruesome memory of advice once given to me that we are travelers because we are looking for ourselves. so long ago i thought of this as too simple to be true and i was correct. in fact we must first lose ourselves completely in order to find where we are.. and of course where we belong! now i'm thirsty. i really like getting older and i finally realize why i've been disgusted by people who claw at my soul with comments about how one day i'll 'grow out of' this fantasy world i live in and even more disgusted by the people who have called me unstable. in fact i'm more centered than i've ever been and i have learned quite a few things.

but i'm still thirsty..

an unquenchable thirst to turn planet human-earth's crown upside down.

by all means of logic and probability, it is only a chance that i was conceived in the time that i was and because of this we are given this great atlas of the worlds with open hands that seem to say "go!". yet we still fear our borders and tell our children to be careful around people of different flags. we hold our prejudices stronger than ever and if you were born under one flag then you may never be able to live under another.. and it kills me that after all these years of evolution we still cant seem to solve simple problems that are so obvious yet they only get worse.

maybe thats why i'm looking to the sea. maybe a part of me is done with this dry earth for a while. same time next chapter i'll be aquatic, like a mookfish returning to the waves.

"and once i am over border i will send you pretty post card, with three heartfelt clichés. never let them fool you, never let them change you, and never never listen to what they say!"


Friday, September 03, 2010

in search of the vampirii

from bucharesti to brasov:

these pictures are from Bran Castle, Romania. This was a castle accredited mostly to Vlad Tepes, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler or in modern times as the Dracula. Transylvania is an eerie place surrounded by the beautiful and ominous Carpathian mountains. from here we will travel west in search of the place where tens if not hundreds of thousands of people were brutally killed by the hands of the first vampire.

tales from Brasov, Romania