Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

in you stare into the abyss long enough the abyss stares back at you

from the bottom of the sea, the farthest place in the world from anything, i wrote you this letter.. and finally decided to send it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

the call of zion

smell is the most potent trigger of memory. the gods` subtle reminders that we seek familiarties when we follow a path. if youve ever been near the sea you will know what calls to me... the connection is strong in this city. now my cup runneth over... my heart begins to overflow... sometimes there is so much beauty in the world that it hurts. we want to take it all in and bottle up our memories in well packed mason jars on a shelf next to our first kiss and the overwhelming feeling of love that comes over you when your father hugs you.

something has made me very strong. why it took so long i really dont know but i feel like i can take on a tidal wave these days. dont lost sight boy.. and if things go lucid dont ever forget that you have a job to do.

Friday, October 15, 2010

we had maps of the moon before we had any idea what the ocean floor looks like

Tekirda─č bound. to be a cold one. heard that we knew more about space than we do about our earth's oceans. find that information to be paralleled found fascination with the aquatic world below. its a giddy smile or something like a ray of light at the end of a tunnel. cant call it a dark tunnel though, i'm perfectly happy where i am... yet something is calling me again. this time its like a muffled and eerie echo from the sounds below the surface of the red sea. its exciting and i welcome this bout of motivation with wide eyes. for now we wait.. and we work.. we learn and we riffle through the rolodex of connections between me and my destination in Dahab, Sinai. this begins with former students, friends and companions i've made in my travels. to become a diver is not cheap but knowing the right people can go really far. we'll get there..

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

two-thirds of our planet is water.. we've been going about our travels all wrong

zion. i'm awake. the freezing cold shower i took this morning is not unlike the fresh start i've had to the next chapter of my life. this one is going to be really cool... time to get wet :) for now its going to take a great deal of focus, a skill i've painstakingly acquired after years of practice. its not that difficult, work hard for six months and dont spend money on bullshit. be good to the body and remain mindful at all times. i'm going to sinai next year and i need to prepare. i wear a big and contagious smile these days.

i've spoken many times of a calling from far away. what used to be a wind of change has now become a rising tide. god... i urge you my brethren and sisterly-folk to listen to those voices in your heads. listen to what speaks to you and pursue things that truly excite you. you will be rewarded greatly in ways that a monetary value cannot compare to. your smile will be contagious and the happiness you find will be worth so much more than a life of complacency.

randy lada, who is my single-serving mentor, once told me that we travel because we are trying to find ourselves. i added that we are first to lose ourselves and then to learn what we are capable of when we have nothing left.. perhaps its only then that we discover who we really are. please please please PLEASE take to traveling this world. its really effing big and full of surprises around every corner.. you never know what you will find! really though.. you never know what you will lose..