Sunday, August 10, 2008

god damn

"i'm the gg allin of this shit" she says before smashing a wine bottle into a million pieces. and so begins another week. a token of summer's end like a smooth descent into the colors of fall. the sun used to set behind the stadium, now it sets behind the abandoned projects once again robbing from our skyline. it's cool out at night and my dreams are intense. i like to hide out during this time of year and take a camera for a walk robbing the souls of those i pass. as it it were a sine wave the craziness of the city holds it's energy below neutral and us tribesmen walk our own paths for a short while. although it is a short while for some, other walk a longer path some never to return for a very long time. but the city waits and listens. and a bottle is smashed to pieces in front of the verona. my bike lay in temporary ruin in the foyer and i am outnumbered in the land of a different tribe. her friends circle me like im a foreigner. some offer an open hand and some spit at me with their eyes. we look different. what are our intentions? but a hatchet is burried in the form of a half full bottle of red wine and all night we sink together. at any small point i wonder how much closer we're getting to the end. how much juice the sun's batteries have left or if anyone knows which wire to cut when the volcanoes self-detonate. during the winter where i live there is a man who sings the same song every night in the bus stop. he asks the universe, "why do we fall in love?" and it makes me wonder if life and love both function upon the same forces are they not both one and the same after all?

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