Thursday, April 02, 2009


In the last few months i´ve given much thought to the concerns of language and communication. It is something that flows so naturally between speakers of the same tongues however creates confusion when confronted with people who speak differently. In the last few months of learning Spanish i´ve had the opportunity to discover what the meanings of communication are and how peculiar it is that we have the ability to speak at all. I thought about this when I was confronted multiple times by people eagerly trying to help me learn the language. They ask what I want to know how to say and upon thinking about this I found myself marveling in the mysteries of human interaction and the trivialities of words. Naturally you begin with greetings and questions about ordering food and all that however it never gets much deeper than that until you truly experience another human being in the sense of love and friendship. So the question returns of what you are really trying to communicate. Do you wish to tell a girl that you think she is beautiful? Do you wish to tell a friend that you appreciate his or her companionship? It´s easy in your native tongue however not so easy at first when speaking to someone who does not speak your language. And there are barriers; laughable and entertaining (although frustrating) barriers that interfere with our ability to express our feelings. So i´ve given it thought and practice and from what i´ve learned, spoken language is really just babble. It is our nonverbal communication and our bold moves that we make without words that truly create connections. You do not tell a girl she is beautiful with words, you smile at her as if her presence makes the world around her beautiful. You don´t tell someone that you love them, you show it to them in your actions. In this speculation I´ve taken into practice the art of silence. You can speak more without words than with them. In this sense perhaps language is just a great amount of confusion whereas true communication is something much more human.

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