Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i ain't never seen no dead body before.. i think i'll go home and call my momma

a few years ago i was at this bar in the City called d'mongos. i think i was waiting for my buddy neal or lou and i found myself having a drink by myself in that typical alone-man bar stance; arms folded and head looking into your drink. i was only there for a few minutes when these two girls came and sat farther down the bar, deep in heated conversation. "you see?" one of them said, "this is why i hate Detroit."

something like that stings your fecicious side or maybe just your imbitterment to people who say bad things abuot the city you live in, but i had to butt in, "if you don't mind me asking, why do you hate the City?"

so she took me to see it.

we walked outside and turned right and turned right again into the alley and i knew immediately what i was going to see. then was the police tape and the reflection of red and blue flashing lights around the third right turn; actually i thought it was going to be farther away than it was.

it startled me a bit more than i thought it would. he either got pushed or fell through a window that for some reason i clocked in as the 9th floor. spare the details, but i'll never forget this guy passing by who said, 'i ain't never seen no dead body before.. i think i'll go call my momma'.

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