Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kotor, Crna Gora (Montenegro)

I find Montenegro to be a really fantastic place. In both language and surroundings the country feels like this beautiful mix of Italian and Slavic backgrounds and every direction you look is a great photo opportunity. Unfortunately my budgeting of time and money only permitted me a few nights in one city however my choice of Kotor was a worthwhile decision.

Kotor is this marvelous castle-town that seems of the Venetian era construction and its nestled between an enormous mountain and equally enormous bay.

I met some good characters in this part of the Balkans and a few of which id later meet again on my trip to bosnia and herzogovina. Montenegro is a nice break from the recent histories of the central Balkans however my desires for this trip will take me back into the heart of south eastern Europe soon.

Kotor, Crna Gora from above.

the seemingly impossible climb to the top of the Kotor fortress. i snuck off the designated path for a while (although i lost my versions of the pictures) and i was attacked by a strong upward wind and a daredevil mountain goat. got a few nice scrapes on my leg to take home as souvenirs.

my new turkish friends, baris and funda - happy travels to you guys! much love