Saturday, June 23, 2012

thank you

speaking from a bottle and a half of wine and writing from farther away than could be imagined..  ive seen some cool places in this world.  i think we sort of earn our credibility with peoples of different cultures by proving ourselves to be people of our own independence and our own creative freedom.  the older i get the more i realize that although minuscule and seemingly insignificant as we are we do have a responsibility to embrace our own sense of individuality.  some do this through story telling while others do it through books but some very unique people create this individuality through art - specifically an art that is painted on our bodies forever and is carried with us through all of our travels in life; here or far.  so i write this in uttermost respect to the artists whose creations have traveled with me to every country i have ever seen.. THANK you

Tony Formaz
Utku Ravi Sunaç

Mert Sesli

Paul Holland

Paulo Suluape

Ryan Ramsey Lientz

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