Sunday, November 09, 2008

an email to myself

On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 9:41 AM, Christopia Ardagna wrote:
i almost want to begin this letter with a note that says: "this is to you" however these things best be left in the ambiguity of being cryptic. and i code these words not to leave one in the dark while another would know exactly what i'm talking about however i do this because 'dear diary' is boring. things have been crazy. almost overwhelming although i'm not sure i've ever felt that i could consider myself whelmed whatever that means. by calling things crazy i'm not suggesting that there have been events that have been hard to handle, although they are, but i'm referring to the times in between. times like a few days ago when i vanished completely from the world and hid on belle isle. for some reason that day had no clouds in the sky and the weather was maybe 71 degrees so i found a spot on the beach. i mused myself all day with the tiny life forms and beach leavings i had chanced upon like twigs shrubs and twigs and those pointy burrs that stick to everything. that day i unearthed all sorts of things each more amazing than the last and all of them drove me wild with curiosity about what else could be found on this faraway land. the nicest part was that the beach spot i had found was on a slight hill of sand that made for cover from passing traffic and nobody could see me besides the occasional child in the a backseat who waves. i marveled in a strange set of those helicopter things and their symmetry made me smile. before long i had a kingdom created. my throne was made of sand and my throne room displayed the various treasure from faraway shores i had collected.

and i think of people and how stinking weird they are some times.

i have this habit of switching people with cats in my head. if not cats then other strange beasts with odd behavior. i imagine someone throwing a shiney object into a crowd of humans and suddenly pandamonium ensues. or a female human with huge boobs walks by and male humans begin fighting and hitting each other with sticks.

i like to observe these strange creatures. sometimes i play little tricks on them by writing strange notes and slipping them into the pockets of their strange clothing. they are fragile minding creatures and can be easily manipulated. they are funny when you put alcohol in them. they do strange dances and their speech becomes very different. if you give them too much they will become prone to violence and debauchery however don't worry because their memories of their actions will be hazy.

we should carry sharpes more often. i think it would be in our best interest to carry a useful tool like a marker everywehre we go because everywhere there is art. and more people need cryptic messages folded and placed in their pockets.

on musings: seek love. pursue loving kindness and be well happy and peaceful. with love greet all life forms with admiration and wonderment. laugh and smile and do not allow those who do not laugh and smile to bring you down.


Anonymous said...

Your musings always leaves me feeling more hopeful than before.

No Need for a Name said...

slipping notes into people's pockets! what a lovely idea.