Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nasha mama - diaspora!

remember things, things that are eternal...
remember things...you forgot those things
nelzja ponjat, nelzja izmerit,
tolko prossat', i tolko vyt'!...

to make it all even more crooked
is impossibility of suicide
you pull the trigger, yet you are still standing...
just somewhere else, but with same dick in your hand.

and dogs were barking, and the guests were parking
and the monkeys clapping and girls were cutting loose
thinking of things, things that are eternal,
when her mother came up to me and said...


i met a crazy dancer,
a party tabashi
she held me by the hair,
i held her by the ass

she was a crazy dancer..

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Joshua's Blog said...

Happy Holidays to you too my man! Where you at these days? As you probably saw, I am in Korea. What is new with you and what have you been doing to occupy yourself? If your ever interested in making a move, Korea is a pretty good gig. Let me know what's up!