Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the supreme commander

whereas i don't usually write in a personal manner to this degree, events of this christmas eve have left me laying on my floor staring at the ceiling. today was a day worth documenting because telling the story is less of an option than of necessity. This is because my father, who has been suffering for nearly three years with a rare and miserating inner-ear problem that cost him his livlihood, had surgery today. his sense of balance had over time been thrashed due to a total of three holes upon a vital section of his inner-ear that has been proven to cause unbearable dizziness and a critical loss in the sense of his placement of surroundings. frankly though, he has absolutely felt like shit.

it's the day before christmas. my mother and i spent the early morning to the early afternoon waiting for my dad to have his head cut open. the doctor, Dr. Seilesh C. Babu MD, was to go in through the left side of my dad's head and in fact slightly move his brain in order to reach his inner-ear. he then, and successfully, repaired the superior semicircle canal where three holes had grown on this tiny organ which is 1/10 the width of a milimeter. should this fix the problem, which a matter of a few months will tell, then my dad can go back to leading a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Babu came out of the operating room to tell us that everything went extraordinarily well. part of the problem as of all this time was the innability to locate the problem's source and it should be mentioned that it was until extremely recently in history that the inner-ear has been operated on to this extent.

f#@%ing right on..


Anonymous said...

Chris, It's all in God's hands now. We pray for your family that is so dear to our hearts. Love you and yours. Aunt Dora and Uncle Rob. I havent' been on for quite a while.

Mandy said...

I'm glad the surgery went well... my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family... good things are coming your way:)