Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in this beautiful moment crossing the boğaz at night..

..i realize that by caring about nothing i suddenly care about everything. it came like flash of happiness when i sat at the bus stop eating a street corner sandwich and sipping on a fanta (if you know me.. youd know that fanta in other countries is my favorite thing ever!). it was the realization that i have nothing on my mind but this beautiful moment and i have not a worry in the world. i worked a long day and put an even greater amount of time in effort to find a corner of the world that i deem fit to call my home and here i reside. i have never seen the boğaz from above at night and its quite lovely even by bus. two lovers sat on the seats in front of me, man with arm around his girl. the print from his knuckles left a tiny fog on the window and my can of fanta makes the sipping sound as the straw desperately reaches for the last few drops.

i did not want to forget this night.

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