Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prince of Persia wore chucks

the word çingene rings in my head and im slightly closer to a far and distant goal. in worlds like this so far away from home each of us slowly fall into whichever niche our destinies deem fit for us. somehow i knew mine years ago. now that im closer the stakes are much higher and i feel as though each step i take must be a step in the right direction. from this point on i dont expect many people to understand what it is that im getting at but they will one day.. at the end of a beautiful path laid before me and at the beginning of a whole new adventure. until then i leave behind colorful words like çingene and allow the callings from far away to ring louder as i am closer than i have ever been. i have to be careful now, there is no time to be fooled.

there are people among us who have been forgotten. their music sounds of the sadness they are born into yet somehow it calls for celebrating. they know not nor do they care of the world beyond their poorly built homes. but they know what we do not know. you cannot find them on a map. you cannot call them by their country, they belong to no country.

most faithfully it will occur.

oh yeah.. prince of persia wore chucks..

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