Sunday, January 23, 2011

long live NRB!

in early april, 2009, 4 new friends set out from southern nicaragua to travel to the northeastern most region of honduras completely in secret. this was the first time they had ever met and would (likely) be the last time their paths ever crossed, at least in this walk of life. they knew not of each other's pasts nor did they care for the future however for the next couple of weeks they were the only friends they had in the world, and the world cared not of this.

to travel is to trust yourself and to learn which strangers you can trust. everyone is looking out for themselves and in the blink of an eye you can make a lifetime friend or a dangerous enemy; god knows i've made both. but one must learn to rely on instinct and one must also come the realization that you cannot survive alone. we eventually come to the point where we are capable of tossing ourselves into the unknown with the faith that we will meet others to guide us along, such are the principles of doubt and uncertainty.. yet doubt and uncertainty have never served me so well as they did almost two years ago when i walked the beaches with nrb.

if youre reading this, cheers guys...

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