Wednesday, January 05, 2011

со цлосе то зион тхат и цан феел ит ин мы веинс

in a city of ruins where no one sings but zombies and willful slaves living in their tiny private caves.. crooked hand digging up their graves.. yeah i've seen a ship of fools sinking in their dunes as i drag my coffin on the rope. them all look down at me, but i got all the help i need..

focus is a practice. the more you practice focus, the better you are for it and you learn to appreciate the small steps one must take towards reaching your goals. i've learned from the many failures in my life that these mistakes we've created for ourselves are something like a thick forest of our world and we must learn how to be survivors. god.. lately i've been thinking of this world and how i'm going to feel about existence when the moment comes that the director calls "cut". i cant help but wonder how the rules that governed this life will be alike or different in the next and what marvels the next will bring. i've been amused by this planet and i've learned from others the dangers of indulging in the pleasures that this confusing world has to offer. i trust not of man yet i learn from that which ruins him.

realistically, to my aunt pat who requested my ramblings to be made clear, i'm focused on finding a way to live life without being confined to the burdens of a society. when i think of all the time we waste workng and chasing other people's dreams i get really sad. i think about all those who i care about that have chosen to drown themselves rather than set their compasses to a farther horizon and i learn from this. we wanderers simply do things because we want to, and it is because we want to more than others that we can explore the strange corners of the planet to which others call their homes. we learn languages because we try harder and we get out of bed because the waking life is more interesting. have i been asleep? no money could pay for the dreams i've wasted sleepwalking.. they dont look as good on paper, i choose the ones that my eyes have seen for themseles.

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