Friday, December 31, 2010

to think that one's heart could be capable of completely relocating to a different part of the world without leaving behind something important would be a foolish mistake. in fact i have left behind most of my heart and at times i feel like it is only my body that has relocated. so says the fool who leaves his family to reach for the horizon, but in fact i know that this feeling i have right now is only temporary. its only a few hours and a flight away until i step back on the grounds that i now call home.. and i now have grown a new heart.

for now we toast.

tonight our tribe reunites for one last howl at the moon as i bid goodbye to one of the most interesting years of my life; and i do this in the company of some of the best people this world has to offer. when you say goodbye to people you take this one last deep look at them as if your brain is taking a photograph. you do this to preserve their face and make a mental note on your mind's timeline as if to say this is where we leave off, for now, but i'll be back friend and with richer voice will i speak to you again.

as of this bless-ed moment at 13:52 eastern time, in southeast michigan, i look at the fading hours of 2010 and i know that great things are coming my way. my troubled eyes have taken me to some really great places and at this point in my life i'm beginning to realize that my entire existence is one big start to a book with an uncertain ending. until then i'll raise my glass to you, my brothers and sisters from my home town, i'll make you guys proud i promise.

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