Thursday, July 07, 2011

Riad el Pacha, Essaouria

i took this night to painfully sift through my last few weeks of photographs and sit beside a keyboard that is barely legible to my accustom so i could make an attempt to catch up with my thoughts. but as i sit here in this dimly lit Riad somewhere in the alleys of Essaouira i find that im a minute too late. my heart has left the balkans after something like nine weeks of serious slicing through the region. ive fallen in love with former Yugoslavia and its surrounding countries however part of me feels that my words that i can piece together concerning the area have escaped me.. and it is with so much unconditional love that i sign off for now..

..and this is for a really understandable reason

ive landed in a country that has been a dream of my travels for a long time. three days ago i took a long voyage all the way from croatia to morocco where i sit in front of a great journey bubbling ahead. for now im enjoying a bit of seaside castle life but in two short days things are about to get very intersting. the plan is to rent a car and drive in a 1600 km circle through the desert twice passing over the High Atlas mountains and directly into Berber country, a place that called to me long ago when i first arranged my aspirations with the peace corps. now something like years after my first callings to the land of the Berber i find myself staring at the next few weeks of my life and travels and i cant help but be a little proud to be a person who follows through their plans and sees goals to their bitter end. this journey so far has been a 29 year acid trip and it seems to get cooler by the minute.

and ive made some plans.. plans that stay with me and will not see the light of publishing for a long time yet they are there stewing in the savory flavors of plans which have stewed before them..

for now however i look to the near future:

two nights in Essaouira.
one night back in Merrakech.
then onward into the endless desert.

gods bless

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