Friday, August 05, 2011

time and place

to say things happen for a reason would be an understatement. its not a coincidence.. we are on a schedule...

being a person of simplicity i took a moment to ask myself a strange yet important question: where am i? to any normal person a question like this would seem ridiculous but i'm a man who wakes up having absolutely no idea where i am. i've woken up without opening my eyelids in light of fooling myself when things come into focus. i have strange dreams every night and i often remember them to their fullest.

but where am i? i looked at a calendar. i'm 20:05 on 5 August, 2011. i'm sterling heights michigan. i'm living room, blue couch facing west. one galaxy out of a hundred billion galaxies. and it made me wonder if where i am is simply a connection between time and place.

maybe there is more. maybe i am a light at the end of a long path connecting the present moment and location to the moment and location of my birth, marking every step of my path ive taken along the way. maybe i'm a line on a map in a very confusing path.. a very beautiful path for which i'm thanking every upright step i've taken.

i thought about moments in my past that were very important to me that seemed to happen so fluidly as if by chance, yet you and i know there are no coincidences in nature. i thought about the exact moment i met some of the dearest friends i've ever made and those moments were so fragile that even a pause to tie a shoelace would have spoiled them. time and place met beautifully and to this day our paths continue to travel together.

i've traveled halfway around the world to find those wanderers of my path so that we might walk together again.

so comfortably the days of our years fit into tiny boxes on twelve sheets of paper and so conveniently our maps remind us that 'you are here' and if you put those together you find the precise crossing of time and place that we declare to be a "moment". yet i wonder, does my conciousness operate on the same rules of time and place that we humans are confined to? do we share a conciousness collectively that operates under much more complicated principles? maybe there is a logical explaination to the absence of coincidences in our lives.. maybe we are part of something bigger and we wouldn't have the option to stop to tie our shoes should the oportunity present itself at all.

have you ever done something simply on a hunch?

i do that shit all the time..

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