Saturday, September 22, 2007

v8 and big rocks

These are days of simplicity. When things are simple there is no need to soak up the details around you but rather let them blend together in their own simple way.

Nature walks are rad.

Things are much more vertical these days.

I have a chemical burn on my left ankle and the bottoms of my feet are callused like sandpaper.

My girlfriend likes to walk around outside barefoot.

I had a dream about ninjas last night.

v8 isn't bad. Odwalla (pumpkin smoothie.. mmm..) and seaweed energy bars are where it's at.

Dear Sarah Harper Anderson, I'm a huge fan and I think you're wonderful.

I got really high yesterday.

In two days I worked 25 hours.

You should stretch before you climb.

This old anthropologist woman is having a garage sale near the marina.. I think I saw a shrunken head.

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