Sunday, November 25, 2007

fear of drowning (below a thick sheet of ice)

I miss the summer - there I said it.. Countless hours wasting away on Neal's back porch. Warm weather. Great concerts every weekend. I'm listening to Manu Chao right now and it brings me back as if July was years ago. But I understand the importance of winter, in fact I once preferred colder weather but these days I'm not as cold blooded as I used to be. I'm going to put some pictures up here that have probably already been posted months ago but they make me happy and hopefully those who are dear to me will chance upon them and smile as well. Let's see, what day is it? November 25.. first day of spring is March 21 and that is roughly 120 days from now - is that correct? Wait.. it's still fall and technically not winter yet. Is it normal to talk to oneself via blogger?

So if you know me and care a little please offer some advice on how to make it through the winter. I didn't have a winter last year and considering the last year of my life was the longest ever it seems like ages since I've seen snow. Winter, if I remember correctly, has this way of destroying people thus making Spring that much better because by that point people are at their all time low. Pale skin and crabbiness suddenly turns into warm bodies and the smell of love. Last summer was like a crash landing from a fantastic voyage and it seems as if the ice of winter will make that landing even more slippery.

And why am I so paranoid about everything these days? It's choking me and I don't understand where it is coming from. I'm shaky and haven't slept well in ages.

Here is a good story-

So last night a few friends and I made our way to Hamtramck. Having a Polish girlfriend I am constantly curious about Polish culture. I made many new Polish friends who were quick to buy me shots and share with me lessons in the language which I promptly forgot. Needless to say Gregg and myself got nice and hammy. Gregg thought it would be a good idea to walk from Hamtramck back to Detroit although he didn't make it very far. I followed him out of the bar and with not much convincing at all we turned around. This occurred at the precise moment when two Polish dudes had crossed our paths. They took one look at us and because we were only a few feet behind them they assumed we were going to rob them. This made them very defensive and a battle was becoming imminent. I wore a look of shock on my face that we would be accused of committing such an act and my expression must have worked because it made the one guy realize he was acting like a dumbass. He felt bad and took me to another bar where more free drinks and lessons in Polish were distributed. Thing is that on the way to the bar we passed the famed statue of Pope John Paul VI and this immediately captured my attention. I ran up to the statue to investigate his shoes and sure enough they were the exact same ones I slipped my feet into in Samoa where the Pope had left his shoes behind in 1970-something. I can't explain the power I felt. I was told that by clicking the shoes together and chanting "there's no place like Rome.. there's no place like Rome.." I would be instantly transported back to the Vatican City but I guess I'll never know.

I got slapped a lot last night. This wasn't because of my defamation of his holiness, Pope John Paul VI but rather because I started a slap circle. I won't lie. I slapped a few women last night who were rather shocked that any guy would do such a thing. Hey.. hit me and I'll hit you back. Some girl actually saw me do this from across the bar and came up to me asking if I'd slap her. Naturally I requested that she slap me first and when she refused, a beautiful friendship that could have been manifested was suddenly cut short and I asked her to never speak to me again.

eye candy

So yeah.. having said all this and getting a few pictures out of my system I feel a little better. THANK YOU BLOGGER, YOU BRING OUT THE 15 YEAR OLD GIRL IN ALL OF US!! I think I'll fire up the old digital camera and embrace the season for what it's worth. It's crazy how music leaves a stamp in your memories and when you pull out old music it's like transporting yourself to a different time. I've been blessed with love of all sorts and the music that accompanied my fortunes gets played on repeat when I need it most.


tkhoveringhead said...

Oh winter. I do not like this winter business. A tiny compensation that I might get to go snowboarding, and yet it hardly matches the 150 mornings of scraping ice off my car. I road my bike downtown on Saturday to have many, many drinks and nearly froze to death.

But surviving. Like anything else you need alcohol and love, and even that is just enough to keep you sane. A warm pliable body to sleep next to his nice as well. I don't know how I'll make it through this year . . . hopefully Africa scrambles my brain so much that I don't even notice.

Christopia said...

i couldn't imagine africa leaving your brain in one piece! isn't that the point?

J.K.Scott said...

First of all, you're listening to summer music during the winter. No good. Recordings of Manu chao, Gogol Bordello, and all hip-hop artists originating from Atlanta, GA are to be stowed in a forgoten box atop some closet shelf immediately. Secondly, remember what is excellent about the cold weather. Drink more coffee, rock a hat, switch to heartier beers. Enjoy the fact that most of your friends will now have homes that average below 55 degrees. I think I could sob right here in my cubicle thinking about my room on commonwealth, sleeping in jeans and a hoody, wrapped in three blankets shivering, waking up with snot affixed to upper lip. Enjoy poverty; it is never more apparent than in the winter.

Lastly: winter is the time for work. If you attempt hedonism this winter, not only will you fail, but next summer will be duller for it; all will blend into one endless dismal season. Pay your dues. Earn your summers. Get your goddamn hands dirty.

How's school?