Friday, November 06, 2009

hmm.. a stamp for future reference and to see if anything has been done about the situation

nah... on second thought i'm better off. i need to stay focused. any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated but, as i've been previously unnerved by, i think i'm alone on this one. something happened to me last summer that i don't often share with people. it shook me up a little bit. it's not the first time life has shaken me up and reminded me that i exist and that i'm fragile, probably not the last. all is fine but such experiences leave you asking dangerous questions like 'what if?' you should never ask yourself that.

met a man last night, nico, who is from germany. he is not the first person i've met to behold an extreme journey in the light of extended travel however there is something unique about meeting him. nico is riding his motorcycle from germany to india over an undisclosed amount of time. however geographically thinking, if you imagine istanbul on a map, he has not traveled very far. in fact, he was only 14 days deep into his journey when i met him at a hostel yesterday. this was a unique perspective for me because most travelers i meet are well experienced and deep in their travels however he is like new blood. he was even expressing the immediate doubts that had struck him in the last few days and i'll be curious to see how his travels pan out. i put a link to his blog on my page, its called The Long Way Raus. check it out.

back to my gloominess. i've stamped today. we shall see where this takes me but i know this next few months will be very interesting and shaking in their own way. i'd be less vague but people read this who will want to talk about it with me and talking is not something i'm good at on the subject. but this is a stamp just as i've made many stamps in the past. be bold, kids. the mind is an interesting and amazing thing and people are pretty rad too.

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