Monday, November 16, 2009

"look for your missing mind while you're there" - Jie Hua

it is possible that all of these things are coming to a point or developing some sort of meaning, i'm just not sure what it is. burned a few more bridges just to watch them burn. i'm troubled. paranoid sometimes. i have itchy feet and i want to see crowns turned upside down. it is somehow a matter or destiny that i feel compelled to reach closer to my goals. a matter of being equipped to handle great amounts of stress and wider more curious eyes. a determination to do things and actually make them happen rather than just talk about them. its not for me to question how well someone has payed attention or how much they respect what i do.. i'm in too deep and have no concerns for the opinions of others. sometimes i think the strangers who write me letters know me better than my friends do. i dont know.. maybe i secretly still believe in god.. i kind of do.. i just dont believe in the people who take the name of god to extremes. if we are truly in the like of god and we were created in simplicity then is got not simplicity? is god not the space between atoms and the tissued fabric of our skin? yeah.. these things are coming to a point and i'm more awake than ever. sights and sounds from far away call to me and i know better than to ignore them.

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