Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ниш (Niš) - Serbia

had to add this last picture from Sofia - two members of my hip hop group showing off their WAY COOL casio illuminex watches (insert jealousy) happy travels mates..

some pics from the beautiful train ride between Sofia and Nis->

man.. this guy was really cool, i hope i get to cross his path again. she was cool too, a traveler from croatia. the guy is tom, a bloke i met from australia who is traveling along the sacred double-helix shaped path that so many of us travelers chance down. he aided me on my exodus from bulgaria and perhaps he'll make another appearance in this chapter of my travels.

god if i could touch this.. that little thing went off in my head, like a climbing siren that tells me treasure is nearby..

These next photos are of inexplicable interest. in the early 1800's there was a famous battle here in Nis where some 4000 Serbians battled thousands of turks. They realized their fate was sealed and, lead by this guy, they marched directly into the ranks of the enemy on a suicide mission in a successful attempt to ignite their attackers' gun powder supply thus killing all the Serbians and some 10,000 of the Turks.

The Turks built this monument as a sort of mockery to their fallen opponents however in this age the Serbians view it as a statement towards great bravery and self-sacrifice; a steadfast mentality that they would rather die than lose their birthright.

This skull, placed on top of the tower, is believed to be the commander's (the man in the statue). The tower once held about a thousand skulls of fallen Serbs although now only about 48 remain.

Some of the smaller skulls below are thought to be those of young men no older than 17 who gave their lives voluntarily to preserve their homeland.

The auther, alongside his dearest friend Alice.

These pictures are from the insides of a Turkish fortress.

What used to be a mosque...

...is now a great place to take primary school children for facepainting!

Some old Roman gravestones from long before your great great great great great great great great great great great grandparents walked the earth.

These photos are from a Nazi concentration camp.. nothing else to say about them

I find Nis to be a hard place to take photos. In serbia it is a great taboo to take photos around military and there is military everywhere.

City center, Nis.

happy travels.. see you in Kosovo!

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