Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Şile, Türkiye

İ did exactly what i said i was going to do. İ left my apartment as the sun came up and i headed about 2km away until i found a play to sit and drink çay and think for a while. İ had two bags fully packed of all that is needed for living and scuba diving for the next four months. So i thought.. and it didnt take much thinking, i am a man of impulse. North, lets go North. So North i went and North became Şile, Türkiye. And here i sit waiting for the tides to turn west so i can find my way to bulgaria, a place that seems to intersect all of my recent travels.

Leaving sucks. Being gone is amazing. Yet uncertainty seems to be the best feeling of all. İ write this from the leatherbound pages of an old journal i found in my departing hours back in İstanbul. Sitting in an overly-comforted pansiyon looking back to my old friend the Black Sea. İt smells like travel here. On this trip i’ll keep better notes and help to write this story about two hobbies, travel and scuba, that have become my old and new loves for this world. but this place is too familiar too me.. see you soon in Plovdiv.

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delimod said...

bon voyage chris !

may the force be with you on your new journey :)