Saturday, March 31, 2012

lost in space

this is that weird time between change of season and pending new travels when i'm not really sure if i should be running around with no shoes on or hiding in a dark corner somewhere. winter has left us and again there is that injection of rebirth in our veins yet it always leaves me so discomforted at first. maybe something like a cosmic jet-lag from wandering so far out of orbit for so long. but i have great things to look forward to and great challenges yet to overcome. i welcome challenge and i'm on good terms with the pesky ghosts that follow me and their random visits to my life.

i wonder what india will bring for me. i wonder if anyone else thinks its strange that i've never put much consideration into traveling there until one random moment of awakening i felt a few weeks ago when all i wanted was to feel something colorful.

meeting with the well-traveled is a cool experience and useful source of information because somehow it comes that the well-traveled have all been to india (specifically in the same whim and calling as that which has beckoned me). its all part of a bigger picture and i rarely confess things beyond my blog which i'm pretty sure nobody reads anymore but this is merely my training and only the beginning of my plans falsest the gods call me back into the nothingness before my travels have finished.

its no secret. i want to go to africa. i want to disappear into the motherland and i want to be well-trained before i do so. africa is no first step for a traveler and i've been receiving plenty of experience in the mean time. it all seems to be one step by one step closer to the motherland and one day i'll be here at journal entry number 500 having the same tingling and silly smile i have right now while thinking of india and nepal.

there is a difference between a traveler and a normal person; we want to more. be warned however, wide-eyed wanderer, that your lust for this planet can easily turn into greed should you not learn from your travels. please take a few notes from your wanderings and remember that you are a guest on this planet, be respectful to its generous hospitality.


Anonymous said...

Please use correct grammar. I could not finish reading your blog because just about everything was wrong.

Mook Fish said...

then dont read it :)