Tuesday, May 01, 2012

1 Mayıs, 2012

The first of May is an event which marks international workers' day in many countries.  Unlike Labor Day from back home, this day is actually quite an outspoken occasion where hoards of people gather to practice their freedom of speech and gain recognition for various causes.

BDP is the symbol for the Kurdish Democratic Party.  They gather in numbers to represent the millions of Kurdish people who live in Turkey and their protests can be heard through repetitive drumming and horns.

İn 1977, thirty four people lost their lives in these protests and many more lost their lives as an assailant rained down sniper bullets from a hotel room.  His cause was unknown and many people have been distrustful of the government for these actions. 

İn the 1980's, protesting became forbidden in Taksim which naturally became a battle between police officers and protesters.  1 Mayıs has since had a reputation for being a dangerous event in Taksim however in the recent few years it has been noticeably contained and essentially peaceful.

DİSK is a group which supports equal rights in something like a labor union.  most blue collared workers of Turkey support them.

The proud colors of the Kurdish flag.

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